Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Verdant Ventures is the preferred real estate solutions provider for diplomatic missions and international companies operating in Africa.

Africa is now considered the continent of opportunity. With the top 10 African economies projected to grow above 6% in 2022*, and a population expected to expand by 2 billion by 2050**, international companies are increasingly interested in establishing a long-term presence in key, high-growth locations.  

*IMF, World Economic Outlook database, October 2021 
**United Nations Population Prospects, 2019  

Getting started or expanding activities in Africa requires state-of-the-art infrastructure – bespoke facilities, offices, or housing, which in turn requires significant upfront capital investment.

Verdant Venture’s team of professionals is fully conversant with both the demands of diplomatic missions and international corporations and the challenges of delivering real estate projects in Africa.   

We tailor-build your infrastructure to your specifications and lease it back to your company; your capital is hence free to be immediately deployed on core operations and value-added services. 

Verdant Ventures is led by a world-class real estate development and investment team with decades of combined on-the-ground operational experience in Africa.

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