• Verdant Ventures’ vision is to build flourishing communities in Africa. 


  • Verdant Ventures’ mission is to provide highquality real estate projects across Africa, meeting international standards, creating satisfied customers, empowered workers, and delighted investors. 


  • Deliver high-quality, safe, on-time, on-budget, on-spec projects.
  • Serve International clients in Africa.
  • Delight our investors with compelling returns.
  • Structure projects to positively impact communities served by training workers, establishing international building standards, and implementing a safe, repeatable safety model.


  • Unwavering Integrity
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Creative Innovation


Verdant Ventures is uniquely positioned for success

in the African industrial, commercial and residential real estate segments. Verdant Ventures believes that it is the only developing team with the synergistic strengths below:

Verdant Ventures’ senior team has 50 years of combined real estate and construction experience in Africa and over 10 billion dollars of project value delivered. Verdant Ventures has a unique relationship with the US Department of State’s Overseas Buildings Operations bureau since 2016. Verdant Ventures has successfully delivered two projects on the African continent of $100M in total value in the past 2 years.

The exterior of Verdant Venture’s Rosslyn-Grove, for the ribbon cutting on the 23rd August 2022, in Nairobi, Kenya

Verdant Ventures is proud to announce the completion of Rosslyn Grove, our latest development in Nairobi, Kenya!

Rosslyn Grove is a 90-unit high-security, diplomatic housing community in the most highly desired residential neighbourhood of Nairobi, Kenya. The project is 100% pre-leased to the USG and is designed to USG’s exacting diplomatic specifications. Rosslyn Grove reached completion and had a ribbon cutting ceremony on the 23rd August 2022.


Despite its large international and diplomatic community and fast economic growth, Africa still has a significant shortage in international standard, seismically rated, and secure infrastructure.

Local developers lack the knowledge of seismic and security standards being demanded by international companies and diplomatic missions and have been unable to respond to this imbalance. As a result, international-standard buildings have become a high priority for embassies and international companies and a high-value acquisition target for African real estate investors.

Verdant Ventures then conducted extensive research to validate adequate demand for buildings and satisfactory economic and operating conditions. Several cities emerged as the most favorable for the next phase of its expansion.

Each new opportunity is evaluated as follows:

have a Pan-African pipeline.

Our Process To Launch New Developments

1. Confirm specific demand from key tenants.

Verdant Ventures confirms the key client’s demand, timing, pricing, and other requirements for successful development. Indicative interest –a letter of interest or intent -is sought simultaneously.

2. Identify and select the best sites.

Our team identifies and selects the highest scoring site based on security, suitability, and accessibility. The critical aspects of the chosen site(s) are confirmed with our relationship tenant(s).

3. Conduct market survey, cost estimates, & design renderings.

We will use our extensive experience and world-class partners to accurately assess the market opportunity, project costs, and design renderings. Designs will be discussed with and tailored as appropriate to the tenant’s requirements. Multi-tenant scenarios will need to be considered where build-to-suit is not pursued.

4. Secure lease commitment from anchor tenant.

At this point, we work with our key client to secure binding letters of intent or pre-leases, with a target of having 60% of revenue under letters of intent/pre-lease to occupy before construction commences.  

5. Align key partners.

We work with our local and global partners —including government, architectural, engineering, and construction partners and collaborate to ensure that every aspect of the development is carried out on time and within budget. 

6. Secure financing.

Verdant Ventures then secures project equity through its development platform and debt financing from international and/or local banks.  

7. Begin development.

With the right partners, financing and tenants in place, we begin development. 

Verdant Ventures is making an impact in Africa.

While maintaining a strong international leadership team, we’ve grown an excellent management team from and in Africa. These talented individuals spend every day making sure that Verdant Ventures is known for developing the highest quality projects across the continent.  


To date, we have impacted 4,500 lives with our ongoing projects, trained 1,000 workers to international standards for various construction trades, making them more employable in the future, and invested $70M of capital in our existing projects, which further impacts thousands of lives. We believe that economic growth is positively correlated with every indicator of human flourishing.